Stilianos ALEXIADIS *

Ministry of Rural Development & Foods, Department of Agricultural Policy & Documentation, Division of Agricultural Statistics, Room 519, 2 Acharnon Street, 104 32, Athens, Greece, Tel: ++30 210 2125925


One of the most controversial issues in regional science is regional convergence. Do regions converge? Why the existing inequalities across regions persist overtime, despite some movements towards convergence. Such questions had bred an extensive literature. In this paper, a model of regional convergence focusing on technological factors is developed. This model is tested using data for the EU-27 regions. A possible explanation for these results is offered and suggests that might afford an interesting policy conclusion.

Keywords: Regional convergence, Technological gaps, Technology adoption

JEL classification: R10

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* The findings, interpretations and conclusions are entirely those of the author and, do not necessarily represent the official position, policies or views of the Ministry of Rural Development & Foods and/or the Greek Government.