RSI Journal




Welcome to the website of the Hellenic Association of Regional Scientists ( H.A.R.S. ) which publishes the science journal ‘Regional Science Inquiry’ as well as other journals in various languages. Our main aim is to promote Regional Science and to give the opportunity to scientists worldwide to publish articles according to our regulations.

The articles must be based on recent research and accredited studies and must focus on topics such as Regional Economic Policy, Regional Development as well as other similar areas of interest. Our website also aims to provide information about science conventions and new publications.

You will also find information about our various activities which are presented through photo and video materials. The Hellenic Association of Regional Scientists is a fresh source of thinking and reflection about Regional Science in Greece and as a non profit organization we promote international cooperation in matters of research and the exchange of science views. We would also like to inform you that any materials from our archives of our science journals is available free of charge.

On behalf of the Board

Professor Christos Ap. Ladias