Géza Tóth

Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Budapest,


Áron Kincses

Hungary, 1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly út 5-7, Hungary


The use of accessibility potential models is widespread in transport geographical studies. In this analysis the connections between the different accessibility models and development conditions are examined. In connection with the use of the models, the problem arises that, due to their complexity, their interpretation may meet some difficulties. In order to solve this problem, a method which is suitable for breaking down the accessibility potentials into factors has been developed. The study analyses the spatial relation between development and accessibility taking as example the EU NUTS3 regions, the factors of the accessibility potential models are presented and the relations between these factors and the components of development are examined. Finally, the population potential in the NUTS3 regions of EU27 is examined according to the nationality of the dominant region influencing it.

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