Professor Andrew Gillespie


Andrew Gillespie is a Professor of Communications Geography, Newcastle University, UK. He was appointed as Head of the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology in 2005. He was formerly the ExecutiveDirector of the Centre for Urban and RegionalDevelopment Studies (CURDS).Andrew Gillespie’s research expertise lies in the field ofinformation and communications technologies and thedevelopment of cities, regions and rural areas, a field inwhich he also has a long-standing policy advisory interest.His research interests also encompass the interactionbetween transport, telecommunications and urban form.Currently he is enganged in international research projectson Knowledge Based Economy and The Role of DistanceLearning University, as well as Regional pathways to theknowledge economy.

His most recent publications include:

Tranos E; Gillespie A. The spatial distribution of Internetbackbone networks in Europe: A metropolitan knowledgeeconomy perspective. European Urban and Regional Studies 2009, 16(4), 423-437.

Talbot H; Gillespie AE. Policy and the rural InformationSociety. In: Rusten G; Skerratt S, ed. Information and Communication Technologies in Rural Society: Being rural in a digital age. London: Routledge, 2008, pp. 153-174.

Schintler L; Gorman S; Reggiani A; Patuelli R; Gillespie AE; Nijkamp P; Rutherford JA. Complex network phenomena in telecommunication systems. Networks and Spatial Economics 2005, 5(4), 351-370.

Janelle D; Gillespie AE. Space-time constructs for linking information and communication technologies with issues in sustainable transportation. Transport Reviews 2004, 24(6), 665-677.

Gillespie AE; Rutherford JA. The Brave New World of the 21st Century Home. London: Building Futures, CABE and RIBA, 2004. Academic

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