Serafeim Polyzos

Serafeim Polyzos is a civil engineer, economist and Professor of the Department of Planning, Regional Planning and Regional Development of the Polytechnic School of the University of Thessaly. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an economist from the University of Macedonia. He has a Ph.D. of the Polytechnic School of the University of Thessaly.

He has been involved in organizing and managing projects as a supervising engineer in projects of the Ministry of Environment and Waters (projects for the construction of Smokovo Dam, Acheloos diversion projects, etc.) and has taught at the Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Urban Planning, Spatial Planning and Regional Development, the Department of Economics of the University of Thessaly and the Department of Project Management and Management of TEI of Larissa. He is the Director of the Policy Evaluation and Development Programs Laboratory of the University of Thessaly.

Some of his most recent publications in peer-reviewed journals are:

  • Kalatzis O., Tsiotis D. and Polizos S. (2016). The Contribution of Tourism in National Economies: Evidence of Greece. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 5 (5): 41-64.
  • Polyzos S., Tsiotas D. and Niavis S. (2015). Analyzing the Location Decisions of Agro-Industrial Investments in Greece. International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems, 6 (2): 77-100.
  • Polizos S. and Saratsis G. (2015). Tourist Capacity and Circle of Life in Tourist Areas: The Case of N. Magnesia. Aichoros, (21): 82-106
  • Tsiotas D. and Polyzos S. (2015). Making the Web-Science Operational for Interregional Commuting Analysis: Evidence from Greece. Journal of the Knowledge Economics, 1-14.
  • Geraki M. and Polizos S. (2015). Public Spending allocation factors for Alternative Tourism Investment Program NSFR 2007-2013. Evidence from Greece, MIBES Transactions, 63-76.

Academic Profile by:

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