Christos Ap. LADIAS

Professor, Regional Science Inquiry Journal, Greece

Filipos RUXHO

Professor Ass. Dr., Department of Business and Management, Universum College, Kosovo

Corresponding Author

Fernando José Calado e Silva Nunes TEIXEIRA

Professor Ass. Dr., Faculty of Economy, Institute Polytechnic de Beja, Portugal

Susana Soares Pinheiro Vieira PESCADA

Professor Ass. Dr., Faculty of Economy, University of Algarve, Portugal


This paper examines the importance of regional economic indicators in the economic development of Kosovo. Regional economic indicators provide valuable insights into the economic performance and potential of different regions within a country. By analyzing these indicators, policymakers can design targeted strategies that promote economic growth and reduce regional disparities. In Kosovo, regional economic disparities have been a persistent challenge, with some regions experiencing significantly higher levels of poverty and unemployment. The paper argues that the adoption of regional economic indicators can help identify and address these disparities. Several indicators are examined, including income per capita, unemployment indicators, and the poverty rate to provide a comprehensive overview of regional economic development in Kosovo. Analysis of secondary data through the method of descriptive statistics reveals significant disparities in different regions and underlines the need for targeted policies and interventions. In conclusion, it underlined the importance of developing a strong and reliable system for the collection and reporting of regional economic indicators, which can inform evidence-based policy-making and support a more equitable and sustainable regional economic development in Kosovo.

Keywords: dicator, regional development, income per capita, decent work

JEL classification: J30, J80, O10, M10, R10, R58

pp. 73-83

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