Lubor Hruska-Tvrdy and Ivana Foldynova

VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, 17.listopadu 15

Ostrava-Poruba, 70833, Czech Republic


New social risks are key factors for social cohesion of local community and society. Currently new social risks which are caused by changes in a society appear more frequently than before. While previously the groups of underprivileged were counted in endangered groups, now the middle class can be affected as well. This report shows a spatial distribution of these risks. How to obtain this result is shown on a particular example of the city of Ostrava. This report seeks to establish future influence of industrial city cohesion. Mainly processes of industrialization and deindustrialization are examined in a detail, especially their effect on demo-social structure of the city.The results are based on the research of the project called „Industrial society in a postindustrial city“ under which there were large sociological research of Ostrava and a long term monitoring of statistical indicators carried out.All social problems lead to inability to retain basic residential standards. Social risk distribution is surveyed in Ostrava however the context of larger area (the Moravian-Silesian Region) is also taken into consideration.

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