Associate Professor Daniel Felsenstein

Department of Geography, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem.

Daniel Felsenstein is an associate professor in the Department of Geography, Director of the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies and Academic Director of the Center for Computational Geography.

His main areas of interest are in economic geography, regional science and spatial econometrics. He specializes in local and regional economic development and urban/regional impact analyses. His current research focuses on explaining the dynamics of inter-regional income disparities, developing and testing a ‘job-chains’ model for evaluating local economic development initiatives, and the development and application of land-use simulation models. This and related work has appeared in five authored or co-edited books and nearly 60 articles in international peer-reviewed journals. In terms of public and professional service, Felsenstein is chairman of the Israeli Regional Science Association, member of the editorial board of Geografiska Annaler B, serves on the European Regional Science Association Council and the IGU Commission on the Dynamics of Economic Spaces and is a member of the Israeli National Council of Land Appraisers and Surveyors

In addition, his current research are:

  • 2010-2013 European Union, 7th Framework, Program on Global Change, Human Mobility and Sustainable Urban Development; SECOA-Solutions for Environmental Contrasts in Coastal Areas (with Eran Razin and Itai Fishendler)
  • 2011-2014 European Union, 7th Framework, Security Program, DESURBS- Designing Safer Urban Spaces; (with Noam Shoval)
  • 2011-2013 European Union, 7th Framework, Program on Strengthening the European Neighborhood Policy,SEARCH – Sharing Knowledge Assets Across Inter-Regionally Cohesive Neighbors (with Michael Beenstock and Guy Harpaz)
  • 2012-2014, The Maurice Falk Institute for Economic Research in Israel, ‘Valuing Accessibility: The Case of the Trans-Israel Highway’, (with Michael Beenstock)

By Vasiliki Vamvaka, University of Central Greece