Theodosios B Palaskas

Theodosios B Palaskas is the Director of IEME/KEME at ACCI. He is a Professor of Economic Analysis & Development Economics, Director of the Centre for Economic Policy Studies at Panteion University of Athens, President of his Department and scientific associate of Athens Academy. He completed his graduate studies in Athens and his postgraduate studies, (M.Sc, MA (honours) & D. Phil), at the University of Oxford. Previous academic appointment has been at the Oxford University – Institute of Economics and Statistics, International Development Center, and at St Peter’s College. He worked for the World Bank,  the USAID and UCTAD. He was elected Vice Rector at Panteion University for the period 2000-2002 and directed for five years the Greek Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE). He was a holder of the IKY – Foundation of Public Scholarships- and the NATO Scholarships for three years to study at Oxford. His research has been financed by the European Commission, The World Bank, University of Oxford, ODA Research Scheme, Greek Ministries, such as Ministry of Development, Ministry of Economics, Bureau of Credit, Bank of Greece, Association of Greek Banks, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Association of Greek Industries, etc. His research interests focus on Economic Analysis, Industrial Economics, International Development and Finance. He has published papers in scientific economic journals, books and working papers and has been quoted in the ‘Journal of Econometrics’, ‘Journal of the Royal Statistical Society’, ‘Review of Economics and Statistics’, ‘Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics’, ‘Journal Of Development Economics’, etc. A few selected publications of his research include the following:

  • ·2017: (with C.E. Stoforos & S. Degiannakis).’Hedge fund returns under crisis scenarios: A holistic approach’. Research in International Business and Finance, 42, 1196-1207.
  • ·2015:  T. Palaskas, Y. Psycharis, A. Rovolis and C. Stoforos (2015) ‘The Asymmetrical Impact of Economic Crisis on Unemployment and Welfare in Greek Urban Economies’ Journal of Economic Geography, 15(5), 973-1007.
  • ·2011: Zervopoulos, P. and Palaskas, T. (2011) ‘Applying Quality-Driven, Efficiency-Adjusted DEA (QE-DEA) in the Pursuit of High-Efficiency – High Quality Service Units: An Input-Oriented Approach’, IMA Journal of Management Mathematics 22 (4), 401-417.
  • ·2007:  “Globalization and Competitive Strategy in Europe’s Vulnerable Regions: Firm, Industry and Country Effects in Labor intensive Industries”. Regional Competitiveness by R. Martin et. all, Regional Studies Association.
  • ·2004: “Market revenue and the scope and scale of SME networks in Europe’s vulnerable regions” (with G. L. Clark, M. Tsampra and P. Tracey), 2005, Environment and Planning A, volume 36 (7) July, pp. 1305-1326
  • ·2004: (with G. Clark, G., P. Tracey, & ,M. Tsampra). ‘Globalization and competitive strategy in Europe’s vulnerable regions: firm, industry and country effects in labour-intensive industries’. Regional Studies, 38(9), 1085-1100.
  • ·1997: (with B. Harriss‐White & T. Crowe). ‘POLICY ARENA The evolution of local market commodity price behaviour in South India, 1972–92’. Journal of International Development, 9(1), 101-115.
  • ·1996:“Commodity Future prices and Financial and Fundamental factors”. UNCTAD REVIEW, 1996 issue (with T. Crowe)
  • ·1996:“The Evolution of Agricultural Price Behavior in South India, 1972-1992”. Journal of International Development, Vol. 9, No.1, 101-115 (97)
  • ·1996: Testing for price transmission with seasonally integrated producer and consumer price series from agriculture. European Review of Agricultural Economics, vol. 23 (1996), pp 473-486
  • ·1993: (with B. Harriss‐White. ‘Testing market integration: new approaches with case material from the West Bengal food economy’. The Journal of Development Studies, 30(1), 1-57.
  • ·1990: “Is There Excess CO-Movement of Primary Commodity Prices? A CO-integration T Test” (with P. Varangis). PPR Working Paper, World Bank Series (WPS 758)
  • ·1990:“Consistent Estimation of a dis-equilibrium Model of Primary Commodity Price Adjustment” (with Gilbert). Journal of Applied Economics, 22, pp. 1417-14261990|

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