Professor Vassilis Kougeas

Vassilis Kougeas was born in Athens in 1952. He received his bachelor degree in Law from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and earned his master degree on history from University Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne. He attended courses in European Law at the Free University of Brussels / U.L.B. In 1989, Mr Kougeas was declared Doctor of the department of Public administration of Panteion University.

He began his academic career as a lecturer at Panteion University in 1987 and in 1996 he became an associate professor in the Department of Law, in which he repeatedly served as Director of the Public Law and elected two consecutive times Head of the Department. At undergraduate level he teaches courses of financial law (Public Accounting Law and Tax Law) at the Public Administration department, whereas at postgraduate level he teaches courses of Community Tax Law and European financial law (postgraduate studies program “Law and European Integration” of the General Law department).

Vasilis Kougeas has also been working as a lawyer from 1977. His experience includes working at the legal and press department of the President of the Greek Republic, Michail Stasinopoulos, at the offices of the European Union which received scholarship in Brussels and at the General Confederation of Greek workers as research associate. He has also worked as a management consultant and as a lawyer for the National Bank of Greece.

He is actively engaged in poetry and in amateur level in painting and construction.

By Nikiforos Chatzigakis