Associate Professor Kurt Paulsen

Associate Professor Kurt Paulsen

Kurt Paulsen is Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at University of Wisconsin-Madison. His main areas of interest are in land use planning, land use change, housing, public finance, and intergovernmental relations.

His research has been published in the Journal of the American Planning Association, Landscape and Urban Planning, Urban Studies, Journal of Planning Literature, Land Economics, Housing Policy Debate, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Journal of Planning Education and Research, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Urban Affairs Review, and Journal of the American Water Resources Association.

Recent Academic Publications:

  • Paulsen, K. (2015). “Great Neighborhoods” for Whom? Comment on Talen et al., “What is a ‘Great Neighborhood’?” Journal of the American Planning Association, forthcoming. DOI: 10.1080/ 01944363.2015.10 77088.
  • Schneider, A., Chang, C., and Paulsen, K. (2015).  The Changing Spatial Form of Cities in Western China.  Landscape and Urban Planning135: 40-61.
  • Paulsen, K. (2014).  Geography, Policy, or Market?  New Evidence on the Measurement and Causes of Sprawl (and Infill) in U.S. Metropolitan Regions. Urban Studies51(12), 2629-2645.
  • Paulsen, K. (2014).  The Effects of Land Development on Municipal Finance.  Journal of Planning Literature29(1), 20-40.
  • Paulsen, K. 2013. The Effects of Growth Management on the Spatial Extent of Urban Development, Revisited.  Land Economics, 89(2):193-210.
  • Paulsen, K. (2012). The Evolution of Suburban Relative Housing-Unit Diversity.  Housing Policy Debate 22(3): 407-433.
  • Paulsen, K. (2012). Yet Even More Evidence on the Spatial Size of Cities: Urban Spatial Expansion in the US, 1980-2000. Regional Science and Urban Economics. 42(4):561-568.
  • Dyckman, C. and Paulsen, K (2012). Not in My Watershed! Will Increased Federal Supervision Really Bring Better Coordination Between Land Use and Water Planning? Journal of Planning Education and Research. 32:91-106.

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