Professor Agim Kukeli

Agim Kukeli is a Professor of Economics at the Akron University, Ohio’s Polytechnic University, in the USA. He has gain a Ph.D. in Economics at the Colorado State University in 2004 and has made further qualifications in his field of study in the University of Missouri (USA), in California and Washington. His primary field of study is focused on the International and Monetary Economics, while his secondary interest is focused on Macroeconomics and Political Economics.

His first teaching experience started in 2001 at the Colorado State University (USA) as a teaching instructor of economics. In 2004, professor Kukeli became part of the Department of Business in the Mesa State College (USA) and during the period of (2006 – 2010)  taught at the University “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durres (Albania), on which carried also the position of the Rector. Recently, he is a professor at the Acron University (USA). Some of his adjunct faculty positions are: University of New York Tirana (Albania), University of New York, Prague (Czech Republic), Front Range Community College (USA), International University of Struge (Macedonia), State University of Tetova (Macedonia) and Black Hills State University (USA). The courses taught by professor Kukeli are numerous: Micro and Macroeconomics, Econometrics, International Trade & Business (MBA), Bank and Finance, International Finance Management, Labour Economics, Research Methods in Finance (M.Sc.), Quantitave Methods (PhD), etc.

Professor Kukeli is member of several international organizations in the USA like: Association of International Dynamic Game Theory, American Economic Association, Academy of Economics and Finance, Association of Institutional Economics and International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines. He is a specialist of the Albanian economy and during 2012 – 2013 used to be economic adviser to the Prime Minister of Albania.

He has given his contribution in the field of scientific research by mentoring five dissertation research studies and publishing more than 20 articles concerning the foreign direct investment, challenges in transition economies, real options, Albanian economy, game theory, “shock therapy”, etc. Professor Kukeli is awarded for his excellence in teaching from Colorado State University in the USA (2003) and from University of New York Tirana, Albania (2007).

Academic profile made by:
Dorjana Nano, RSI Journal Editor