Anne Margarian

Dr. Anne Margarian is a senior researcher in the field of the economy of rural areas in Braunschweig Area, Germany. Her special interest is in industry- and firm-structures of rural areas and in the coordination of economic activity (in space). She uses statistical analyses as well as case-studies and causal models. Another special emphasis in her work is in policy assessment.

In the short time at the CAU ( Christian Albrecht University Kiel) she conducted smaller statistical analyses in the context of a project on the tabbaco markets in Malawi, she wrote a project proposal concerning the relevance of specific food industries of Switzerland and she started to write a concept for an analysis of the implementation and institutional realization of the German farm investment aid. As an evaluator at Institute for farm economics, she was engaged in the assessment of the German programs for the development of rural areas. In her team they focused on the evaluation of the farm investment aid. Her personal emphasis was on the analysis of agricultural structures and their potential affectedness by interventions.

Her most recent publications include (Working papers- Articles)

  1. Margarian, Anne (2013)
    A constructive critique of the endogenous development approach in the European support of rural areas.
    Growth and change, Band 44, Heft 1, Seiten 1-29, englisch
    ISSN: 0017-4815
  2. Margarian, Anne (2013)
    Der ländliche Strukturwandel in Europa: eine Herausforderung für Politik und Wissenschaft.
    Land-Berichte, Band 16, Heft 1, Seiten 56-71, deutsch
    ISSN: 1868-2545
  3. Margarian, Anne (2012)
    Employment development policy in European regions: the role of agriculture.
    EuroChoices , Band 11, Heft 3, Seiten 20-21, englisch
    ISSN: 1478-0917
  4. Margarian, Anne (2011)
    Gewinnentwicklung und Betriebsaufgabe in der Landwirtschaft: Angebotseffekte, Nachfrageeffekte und regionale Heterogenität.
    Schriften der Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaues, Band 46, Seiten 291-304, deutsch
  5. Margarian, Anne; Küpper, Patrick (2011)
    Identifizierung peripherer Regionen mit strukturellen und wirtschaftlichen Problemen in Deutschland.
    Berichte über Landwirtschaft, Band 89, Heft 2, Seiten 218-231, deutsch
    ISSN: 0005-9080
  6. Margarian, Anne (2010)
    Coordination and differentiation of strategies: the impact on farm growth of stategic interaction on rental market for land [online].
    German journal of agricultural economics, Band 59, Heft 3, Seiten 202-216, englisch, zu finden in <> [zitiert am 03.09.2010]
  7. Margarian, Anne (2010)
    Counterpoint : a theoretical foundation of rural development interventions and evaluations is needed.
    EuroChoices , Band 9, Heft 2, Seiten 35-39, englisch
    ISSN: 1478-0917
  8. Küpper, Patrick; Margarian, Anne (2010)
    Versteckte Dynamik – wirtschaftliche Innovationen in ländlichen Räumen.
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By Antonia P. Obaidou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece