Professor Yuzuru Miyata

Professor Yuzuru Miyata

Professor Yuzuru Miyata is Professor of Technology Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Toyohashi University. He is also a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science (Hokkaido University). Research interests cover a broad range of topics. In his long research career he has focused in particular on quantitative methods for urban planning and development. He has broad expertise in the area of public policy, services planning, infrastructure management and environmental protection. In all these fields he has published hundreds of scientific articles in the international literature.

His most recent publications include:

  • A Study of Dynamic Urban Model: A Numerical Experiment of the Compact City Study in Regional Science (Academic Journal, 2003 ) 33 / 1.
  • Assessment on Energy Technology to Abate Air Pollution Emissions in China Studies in Regional Science (Academic Journal ) 33 / 1.
  • A Study on Evolution of Regional Population Distribution Based on the Dynamic Self-Oraganization Theory (1990)
  • A Study on Model Reference Adaptive Control In Economic Development (VIII) : Model Reference Adaptive Interregional Migration in Indonesia (1988)
  • An Intertemporal Urban Economic Model with Natural Environment
  • Interregional Analysis of Environmental Tax on Sultur Dioxide Emissions in China -An Interregional Computable General Equilibrium Modeling Approach-

Human and Environmental Symbiosis (Academic Journal)   8, 15-29.

His research interests focus on:

  • Theoretical consideration and/or empirical study of  the economies of cities and/or regions
  • System Architecture and Urban Sciences
  • Urban and Regional Analysis
  • Environmental Economics
  • Study on a Compact City Environment, Material Circulation, Compact City

By Antonia P. Obaidou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece