Professor Nikolaos Konsolas



Professor Nikolaos Konsolas has been a tutor of Regional Science at the University of Pantios since 1973 and his main section is the Regional Economy. Moreover, he has contributed to the foundation of two divisions at the above mentioned University (Economical and Regional Development and Urban and Regional Development), as well as of the University of Central Greece. At the same time, he has organized the relative scientific studies for the Master’s and Doctorial’s level in Greece. He was the first President of the Regional Science Institute, where he now possesses the title of the honorary chairman. During his activities, he studied the implementation of the Community Support Frameworks and supplements of Community programmes such as the National Strategic Reference Framework. Additionally, he was occupied in strategies for the innovation (RIS), the localization and the development of Industrial Business Areas, as well as with the organization of the regions in manufacturing areas in greek provinces. As far as his international actions are concerned, N. Konsolas was a member of organizations’ committees, a member of the ERSA Council Board for 17 years, as wellas the President of the International ERSA convention’s organization committee in Athens (1987). Finally, he has issued a variety of books and articles in scientific journal in Greek and English languages. A sample of his writing concerns: Contemporary Regional Economic Policy, Regional Development in Greece, Local Development, Regional Prospects in Greece. Nowadays, his various and remarkable work is completed by the honorary presidency in Regional Greek Association.
 Academic profile by Vilelmini Psarrianou