Professor Antigone Lyberaki

Professor Antigone Lyberaki

Professor Antigone Lyberaki is Professor of Economics at Panteion University in Athens. She was a Member of Parliament for ‘To Potami’, a party of the liberal centre in 2015. She has a PhD in Economics on Greek small and medium enterprises and an MPhil in Development Studies from IDS based at the University of Sussex. She has been a visiting professor in New York (CUNY) and Paris (EHESS). She was a Visiting Professor at the LSE and a Visiting Fellow at IDS at Sussex in 2016. Her research interests are SMEs, migration, ageing and gender. She has served as board member of ActionAid Hellas (2004–14), and Solidarity Now (2014–), an NGO active in refugee relief.

Some of her most recent academic publications include the following:

2017: (with P. Tinios), ‘Small Firms as a Blind Spot in Greek Austerity Economics’. IDS Working Paper 491, Brighton: IDS.

2017: ‘Women in the Economy’, Athens: Papadopoulos (in Greek).

2017:  (with C. Meghir and D. Nicolitsas), ‘Labor Market Regulation and Reform in Greece’. In: C. Meghir, C. Pissarides, D. Vayanos, N. Vettas (eds), Reforming the Greek Economy. MIT Press (forthcoming, October 2017).

2016: ‘Hopes and Expectations dashed: Migrant Women, the Informal Welfare State and Women’s Labor Force Participation in Southern Europe’. In: Z. Meghani and L. Eckenwiler (Eds) Migrant Women Workers: Ethical and Political Issues, Routledge International Studies of Women and Place, pp. 224-250.

2015: (with P. Tinios), ‘A ‘Fairweather Welfare State’? Formal and informal social protection and the Greek crisis’. In:  R. Gerodimos and G. Karyotis (eds) The Politics of Extreme Austerity: Greece and the Eurozone crisis, Palgrave, pp. 106-122.

2014: (with P. Tinios), ‘The Informal Welfare State and the Family: Invisible Actors in the Greek Drama’. Political Studies Review, 12(2): 193-208.

2013: (with P. Tinios and G. Papadoudis), ‘Retrospective explanation of older women’s lifetime work involvement: Individual paths around social norms’. Advances in life course research, 18(1): 26-45

2013: (with P.Tinios, A. Mimis & Th. Georgiadis), ‘Mapping population ageing in Europe: How are similar needs in different countries met by different family structures?’, Journal of Maps, 9(1): 4-9.

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